Have you experienced them? Those moments when your heart seems to melt? Well, I certainly have!

I am not a sentimental person normally but a couple of weeks ago one of those moments in life that you just want to remember forever occurred. I was looking after my grandchildren while my daughter and s-i-l went out for dinner. I gave three year-old Max a bath and popped him into bed. We went through the usual ritual of night, night, sleep tight etc and I started to leave when a little voice said, ‘Love you more than jelly tots, Nanna.’ And my heart just melted.



It started me thinking about other moments when my heart has melted and it was surprising how many there are. I only have to think about my late husband walking our daughter to the alter and I get all choked up. Bill had been seriously ill and we’d only been given the go ahead for him to travel the day before we were due to fly to Thailand for the wedding. Watching him walking Vicky up the aisle definitely made my heart melt.
Bill & Vicky & Kathy

Then there’s the books I have read which have really touched me. Whose heart didn’t melt when they came to that line in Jane Eyre, ‘Reader, I married him.’ There’s all the films I have seen as well, the most recent being a new version of The 39 Steps staring Rupert Penry-Jones as Richard Hannay. My heart certainly melted at the end when Hannay sees the woman he loves and believed to have died, standing on the station platform!

So can you recall moments when your heart has melted? I’d love to hear about them!
love to you all,