The Little Mermaid


P1000336 My thoughts are turning to one of my favourite subjects apart from writing: holidays.
I love going away and exploring new places. I also love revisiting places I have fallen in love with. Last year I was very fortunate and took a cruise to the Baltic, stopping along the way at Denmark, Sweden, Russia and Estonia. I took dozens of photographs of the places we visited and often look at them and remember the great time we had. I went with two friends and I have to say that it was one of the best holidays I’ve had. We had such fun!

This year I am planning on staying a little closer to home. My friend and I are off to Cornwall to visit the wonderful Eden Project. We plan to see some more of the beautiful countryside while we are there and shall stay in St Ives and drive around, visiting all the wonderfully quaint little towns, like Mousehole. It’s been twenty years or more since I last went to Cornwall and I am looking forward to seeing if it has changed (and keeping my fingers crossed that it hasn’t!) If there is a downside to revisiting favourite places it’s the fear that they may have changed out of all recognition.

Later on in the year I am hoping to pop up to Cumbria to stay in one of my very favourite hotels. The Lakeside, at Newby Bridge, is situated on the banks of Lake Windermere and the view is stupendous. It doesn’t matter if it’s pouring down with rain, just sitting in the huge conservatory there and looking across the lake is the most wonderful experience. It’s the sort of hotel where you feel instantly at home, where the staff go that extra mile to make you comfortable. All the bedrooms are beautifully decorated and the public areas – the lounges and the library etc – are wonderfully inviting. It’s little wonder that my late husband and I stayed there so often!

Even later in the year, I’m hoping to take a family holiday with my daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren. It will be very different from the previous ones as we try to find a hotel that caters for the needs of the children. If you holiday with children then I’m sure you understand; if they are happily occupied then peace reigns! In January of this year we had a wonderful week staying in a hotel in Tenerife. The sun shone, the hotel was great and everyone enjoyed it. Fingers crossed we can find somewhere just as good later on this year.

So that’s my year planned. Oh, there are places I am dying to visit. Having just completed a book set in the desert, ONE MORE NIGHT WITH HER DESERT PRINCE, I am keener than ever to visit one of the deserts. The book won’t be published until next year so it will be a while until you can read it but I enjoyed the research I needed to do to give it a truly authentic feel so much that it’s made me more determined than ever. I shall get there one day but maybe not this year.

But enough about my plans. Where do you hope to visit this year? Have you decided yet? Do let me know and we can swop holiday stories!

Have a good week,