ID-100165845 I was enjoying some down time the other evening, sitting in my living room with a glass of wine, watching television. There was a programme on called Come Dine With Me which I find compulsive viewing of the “car-crash” variety. You may have seen it but just in case you have missed it five strangers are brought together and during the course of a week, each prepares and cooks diner for the other guests. Occasionally they get alone fine; however for the most part at least one of the nights is a complete disaster. Terrible food, even worse behaviour from one or more of the guests – you get the picture? After each dinner, the guests score their host, giving them marks out of ten. The one who receives the best score wins one thousand pounds.

While I was watching this particular programme the host asked his guests which five people, alive or dead, they would invite to a dinner party It got me thinking: who would I invite?

First on my list would be Cleopatra. She has always fascinated me. At a time when women were kept very much in the background, she took centre stage. She was beautiful and brave and used her charms to get exactly what she wanted. The stories she could tell about the battles she fought in her own inimitable way would keep all the guests at my table entertained!

Next on the list would be Einstein although I am not sure that intellectually I would be on a par with his thinking! However, he had such a brilliant mind that it would be a real privilege to share just a few of his thoughts and ideas.

After what could be a little more taxing discussion, we would need some lighter entertainment and the wonderful Roal Dahl would be the perfect diner guest to provide that. I love his books. OK, so they are aimed mainly at children but adults can and do enjoy them to. Who hasn’t read Matilda and chuckled at the way Matilda sorts out her horrible parents and that terrible head teacher at her school? And as for Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes – well, if you haven’t read them, then you must is all I can say.

Guest number four would be President Obama, simply because he comes across as a genuinely good man who cares about his country. I don’t profess to have any knowledge of US politics but it would be interesting to hear his views. The conversation might become a little controversial but so what? You need some serious topics to discuss to balance the conversation.

My fifth and final guest would be my father. Sadly he died when I was just fifteen and there is so much I have wanted to talk to him about over the years. He would be the perfect person to smooth over any problems and sort out any minor disagreements too. Dad was one of the good guys, loved and respected by all who knew him. He would be my perfect party ambassador.

So that’s my guest list sorted out. I just need to issue my invitations and set my table. Perhaps have a few nibbles first before we sit down to eat. It should be a good evening if all goes to plan but who knows? But who would you like to invite to your dinner party? Do let me know.


PS. Bucket list item no. 3 is in the offing. I have booked a ride on a Segway. Watch this space!

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