As I said last time I updated my blog, I never make new year resolutions for the simple fact that I know I shall never keep them. However, this year I have started on my bucket list, you know what I mean, all the things you want to do before you die.

Now number one on my list may not seem life changing to most of you but it was to me; I finally tried sushi! I don’t know why I’ve been so stubborn about trying it. I love smoked salmon and would eat that and caviar any day of the week but I have always turned up my nose at the thought of sushi. It was a situation I decided couldn’t continue so when I found myself in Marks and Spencer beside  the counter that sells all those neat little trays of raw fish, I took a deep breath and picked one up.

I took it home with me and stowed it away in the fridge and made myself a cheese sandwich (always a safe bet!) But the thought that I was chickening out nagged away at me. Was I really going to give it a miss yet again? What was I? A woman or a mouse?

It took me twelve hours to talk myself round but out came the tray of sushi and I tucked in. If someone had taken my photo, I’m sure I would have had a grimace on my face as I popped the first roll into my mouth and found to my utter amazement that it tasted…delicious. The rest of the tray quickly disappeared and if I’m honest I could have eaten another tray straight after it. I couldn’t believe that I had put off trying it for so long. I am now a convert and sushi appears regularly on my menu.

It taught me a valuable lesson, though. I think we are all guilty of having pre-conceived ideas about what we do and don’t like and from now on I intend to try things first and make my decision second. It will save me missing out on any more great experiences!

So what’s next on my bucket list? Well, visiting Venice is high on the list, plus a trip to Australia to meet all the friends who I have only met on line so far. The there’s those Segways (I hope that’s how you spell it) I’ve always fancied having a go on those crazy bike-cum-motorcycle contraptions and now is the time to do it. There are lots more things that I have put of doing, from writing that saga that’s been bubbling away at the back of my mind to having more holidays in the sun, but one step at a time. I’ve taken my first step. I am no longer a sushi virgin. The next step is just round the corner.

What’s on your bucket list? Do write and tell me so we can compare notes.

love to you all,


P.S. I was thrilled to receive the Cataromance Reviewers’ Choice Award for my book, THE SON THAT CHANGED HIS LIFE. A huge thank you to everyone who voted for it.