Isobel on World Book Day dressed as Ariel

Isobel on World Book Day dressed as Ariel

In the last few weeks the local schools where I live have been celebrating World Book Day. The children were asked to go into school dressed as a character from their favourite book. It’s been such fun to see them walking to school in their costumes.
I’ve seen princesses galore, lots of Harry Potters and one of my favourites, a little Charlie Bucket complete with his Golden Ticket (from Roal Dahl’s wonderful Charlie and the Chocolate factory)

I think it’s been a great idea to trigger the children’s imaginations this way and get them thinking about books and reading. A lot of people complain that today’s kids are only interested in computer games etc but books never go out of fashion. They will always be enjoyed by children of all ages.
My little granddaughter went to school dressed as Ariel as she loves that book about the beautiful mermaid. The photo is of her on the day, complete with long red wig!

The other fun thing that’s happen in the past week is that my editor loved my new book. The Motherhood Mix-up is to be published by Harlequin Mills & Boon in October and I shall tell you more about the story, and why I came to write it, closer to the time.

Hope your week is a good one!,