Last week was a half term holiday in this area so I spent a lot of time with my grandchildren. I took them to the park to feed the ducks and to a soft play centre so they could let off some steam on the climbing frames. Isobel, who is five, met up with some of her friends so off she went but two year-old Max decided that he wanted Nanna to play with him.

I climbed through hoops and up ramps, slithered through child-sized tunnels and climbed across any number of small bridges. I was absolutely shattered by the time I got home! The only thing I wanted was a cup of tea and a sit down but the children had other ideas.

We played cars and princesses plus umpteen other games until I simply had to call a halt. The children agreed, reluctantly, to paint and I thought you would enjoy this picture of Max, covering everything with paint.

Although none of the activities were actually work-related, I know that I’ll use a lot of the things we did last week in future books. That’s the thing when you’re a writer, you tend to store up all sorts of information and experiences. Nothing is ever wasted because you can use it to add depth and realism to a scene. No doubt at some point one of my characters will end up climbing through pint-sized tunnels!

See you next week,