Well, if you are reading this then many thanks. Either you stumbled across my page by accident or you are extremely patient. It must be over a year since I set up this blog and I’ve added one post. Hmm, definitely not a gold star for this writer.

So I shall start again and it’s probably best if I start with by introducing myself. I’m Jennifer Taylor and I write Medical Romances for Harlequin Mills & Boon. I love my job and can’t think of any other job that I would love more. I get to meet new people and help them fall in love even if it is only on paper (or should that be on screen?)

I have written over 70 books for HMB and if I get my way, I shall write 70 more. As soon as a book is finished, there are more characters inside my head clamouring to have their stories told. Bliss!

Apart from writing, my biggest joys in life are my family and friends. I have two adorable grandchildren and I spend as much time as I can with them. I also enjoy travelling to wherever and am currently making plans for this year. Russia is top of my agenda so far but there will be lots of other places, believe me.

Right, with all that out of the way now down to my day. It’s Saturday so after I have taken my dog, a black brindle Cairn Terrier called Gus, out for his walk I shall spend the morning writing. Then I have all sorts of jobs to do in and around the house, including going out to buy a new hob. I can’t say that I’m a keen cook (don’t expect any recipes from me!) but I like to eat so a functioning kitchen is a necessity. No idea what I want but hopefully it will fit into the worktop without me having to make any major changes.

This evening I am going out to dinner with a friend and plan to eat Indian food. There’s a great Indian restaurant close to where I live called Rivaj so we shall grace them with our presence. I shall let you know what I had next time, and no, it won’t take me another year to come back – promise!